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Fiberglass bathtub refinishing contractors. Bathtub resurfacing cost. Get a like-new look for that old bathtub for a fraction of the cost and hassle of a large renovation by refinishing the tub instead of replacing it. In most cases, replacing a bathtub requires an extensive amount of work and a considerable investment of both time and money. Bathtub refinishing contractors Refinishing, a process that’s also commonly known as reglazing or resurfacing, allows you to repair any scratches or dents, remove the old finish and apply a fresh finish with a glossy top-coat that makes the tub look brand new.

The overall cost of this project, and whether or not it makes sense for your situation, depends on a variety of factors. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons associated with refinishing bathtubs or replacing your bathtub. We’ve also compiled information to help you decide whether to hire a professional bathtub refinishing companies or try doing it yourself.

The Less Expensive Alternative – Bathtub Reglazing Buffalo NY

There are many reasons for giving your bathtub a facelift. Whether your existing one is simply old and unsightly or you’re remodeling the entire bathroom, rehabbing the tub can make a significant difference in the look of the room. When it comes down to getting the job done, the question remains: should you replace or tub and tile reglazing or tub and shower reglazing ?



Most basic tubs retail for as little as $300, which may be equal to or even less expensive than refinishing. Before you start shopping, you need to consider the hidden costs involved in replacing a bathtub, which include:

  • Demolition and removal of the old tub typically adds $70 to $150 to the final price
  • Hiring a plumber to re-attach pipes costs $299 according to the national average
  • Installation of the new tub costs $2,896 according to the national average
  • If you’re thinking of replacing your tub with a shower pan, first consider the effect this could have on the home’s resale appeal. Most prospective buyers shy away from homes without a bathtub, particularly if they have children

Once you add everything up, that $300 tub turns into a project that costs more than $3,000. There’s also always the chance that you’ll encounter structural or plumbing problems along the way, which extends the time and cost of the project.


How Much Does it Cost to Refinish a Bathtub?

To refinish a tub, most homeowners spend between $200 and $900, with the average cast iron tub refinishing buffalo ny cost coming in at around $500. If you consider all of the costs associated with replacing, refinishing seems like a real bargain. Additionally, if you have an irreplaceable antique or rare bathtub, you likely want to keep it to preserve the charm of your decor or the historical accuracy it provides in an older house.

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When Refinishing Isn’t a Good Idea

It’s important to note that to refinish a bathtub isn’t always the best idea. If the tub itself is damaged, refinishing a bathtub may only be a temporary solution that needs to be repeated on a regular basis. It can also mean that the bathtub, and your bathroom as a whole, aren’t usable for 24 hours or longer. Compared to the length of a bathroom remodel, however, that best bathtub paint drawback is minimal.

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